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Mariana Chappell Q&A

~Get Fit, Gain Strength, Look Great, Feel Amazing~

I recently had the chance of catching up with Sydney local Mariana Chappell. A Fitness Personal Trainer located in Maroubra, Sydney. Mariana is an International Kickboxing fighter whom has also just recently travelled abroad to Kickboxing Nation Thailand.

Mariana specializes in improving various Biometer abilities including:

- Fitness

- Strength

- Power

- Speed

- Overall Conditioning and Health.

You can reach her 0420372197 or through social media below: When did you start lifting weights or exercising?

I Started sports at 4 years old... Weights 21 yrs old ... Netball, Basket, Tag, Touch, Softball, Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union Is competing or becoming a professional something you've always sought after? NO - however I have done it thanks to so many people asking me to train them prior to becoming a trainer... This inspired me to want to help people, so I decided to make it official... When did you decide you wanted to compete? I complete in all sports. Thinking about fighting in Muay Thai next year... What are some of your favorite products or supplements? Green Tea - I don't take supplements Who are some of your idols? Beyoncé, Ronda Rousey, Neilson Mandela, Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Malcom X... I could go on & on.... What obstacles did you find during your career? Consistency with clients especially during winter How did you overcome these? Work harder in marketing Do you have kids? No How do you find the time to lead such an active lifestyle? You make the time. It is possible to do everything you want and more if you plan your time well, have a positive can do attitude and want it bad enough. If there's a will there's a way. Are you a fan of clean eating? flexible dieting? or both? Both How important is nutrition to you? Extremely important - however I believe in snacking on what I want so long as I train hard enough Do you weigh your food or track your macronutrients? No What's some of your favorite meals or recipes? Steak & Salad, Backed chicken, sweet potato mash and broccoli & chocolate Whats been some of your greatest achievements? State League & NSW Netball, State Touch, Tag & Basketball. Inspiring others to begin their own journey for a healthier, fitter, stronger and happier life. What are your goals for the next 5 years? Stay as strong & fit as possible, prepare for Muay Thai Fight, get married, start a family, be happy. What's your immediate goal? Improve my Muay Thai, MMA & Brazilian Jujitsu skills. You seem to have a good mixture of clients, What were some of the outstanding & challenging ones so far? 130kg man with many injuries - he has made amazing progress and he feels amazing about himself now. Inspiring my lady clients to feel amazing about themselves from the inside out! By far my greatest achievement in Personal Training. Do you or would you undertake clients interstate? Yes - I have online clients around Australia, NZ, England and Ireland. Finally if you could only Bench, Squat or Deadlift for the rest of your career which would you pick? 100% SQUAT - LOVE IT!!!!! But I also LOVE deadlifting too.... Tough call... How squatting has 1000 variations so it would be most useful out of the three options. ​​

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