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Training Programs

Tired of going through exercise motions with no motivation, drive or end goal focus?
Looking for accountability & support in an online setting?
We offer 100% personalized Training Programs from a range of home based, Resistance Training and Cardio focused protocols.
Online Training Programs are suitable for all entry levels including: beginners, experienced and advanced athletes looking for supplementary training. & results.


Periodized Training Plans: Resistance Training|Cardio|Step activity

​✔ Online Coaching Support: Bi-weekly email check-ins|

​✔ eGuide Support: Exercise Tutorials & Videos
*NEW Strength, Core & Booty building options also available! 💪🍑

​​Training Program Outcomes:

- Build Lean Body Mass

- Improve Body Composition
– Improve Strength | Cardiovascular | General Fitness
– Build Physique Structure
– Optimize Stability | Flexibility

​​Personalized Programs are $60

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Past Transformations

Common Q's:

Are training plans 100% personalized? Yes.

How long until I see results? A minimum of 5-10 weeks is generally required for muscle building potential, strength & visual results.

Do I need to update my training plan frequently? No. Personalized Training plans are once off purchases.

Do I need to perform cardio for my physique goals? No, cardio protocols is always optional.

What are my training focus areas? This is based off of your physique, fitness goals & completed Online Coaching form.

I really just want a bigger booty, can I pick a booty building option? Yes.

Do I need to gym access or additional equipment? Yes. Gym access or at home equipment is highly beneficial.

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**All Personal Training sessions and Online services once bought are non-refundable.**
- The Payee must ensure they havepaidfor Personal Training sessions | Online Services upfront as to not cause Delays or Conflicts with future Training sessions/Online updates.
- In the case of a missed workout or scheduled service update, it is up to the Payee to notify and arrange a proposed date for re-scheduling to occur.
- If the Payee misses a scheduled payment, it will be assumed the individual no longer wishes to continue their Personal Training | Online services and will forfeit their allotted spot and further support.
- The Fitness Instructor and/or Client has the right to terminate and forfeit their Personal Training | Online Services if there is a conflict of interest.
By paying the invoice you also agree to:
- The publication of Body Composition results and collective data on social media and mailing list(s).
- Agree to actively check-in and provide constant feedback & updates to assist with overall adherence (frequency dependent per service), progress and prevent any regression.
- Whereby difficult situations arise in person's circumstances i.e. lack of progress | regression or health risks occur , to not hold the coach accountable and seek medical assistance from an Allied Health Professional.
- Agree to regularly contribute to the online community group.
- Agree to follow through with the respective programs to the best of their ability and ask questions where required.
- Understand that the Fitness Instructor's role is to merely provide resources, guidance and recommendations to said individual. It is ultimately up to the individual to take ownership and accountability for their own respective transformation and actions.

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