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Meet your Coach

Hi Guys, Quick introductory post here. I'm a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Coach and Owner of The Lab PT.

For the past few years I have been working with a mixture of clientele ranging from the General public & Youth to seasoned Veterans & Athletes.

I believe Education is a powerful tool to change one's self and help create a more controlled environment around them. I help facilitate change through various methods including Online Coaching, electronic resources, guidance and recommendations via Exercise and Nutrition.

Education is a key component to committing to long term change. Whether if it's starting at a slow & steady pace, learning self-monitoring or establishing a Healthy relationship with food. My job is to help better educate clients in leading a Healthier and Active lifestyle by actively becoming role models working towards their goal(s).💪

Franz - S&C Coach

Contact Me

Franz Cruz | The Lab PT

Tel: 0423760833

ABN/ACN: 99324606899

Please complete an Online Coaching Form for a more detailed and effective response time!

>ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning

>Certificate III in Fitness

>Certificate IV in Fitness

>Sports Nutrition

>First Aid & CPR


>Certificate II in Information Technology

>Certificate III in Information Technology

>Certificate IV in Information Technology

>Diploma in Network Management

>CCNA Cisco Discovery

>Bachelor Degree in IT

>Major Informatics

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