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Lucia Rivas Q&A


Last year I had the chance to catchup online with INBA Bikini Diva champion Lucia Rivas. Here's what she had to say: When did you start lifting weights or exercising? i started lifting weights seriously around september 2012, i went to my first INBA comp and decided i really wanted to get my body to that level. Before that i was still very active for about 3 years before that doing boxing , running and spin classes. Were you also playing sports? If so which one(s)? I was into alot of swimming and cross country in highschool and was in the school swimming squad and cross country team. Later when i finished uni i got into boxing and running and did a few running events like gold coast marathon and bridge to brisbane. Is competing or becoming a professional something you've always sought after? I love competing because i like the dedication, commitment and discipline that goes into it. i like that it's a hobby and it's a passion and a good escape from the corporate mining world which i also really enjoy. When did you decide you wanted to compete? september 2012 Are you currently sponsored? If so who by? I'm a nutrtion warehouse sponsored athlete and flush fitness ambassador What are some of your favorite products or supplements? Isolyze hands down the best tasting and easy to digest protein powder around. Protowhey vanilla creme is the best for oats and pancakes :) Who are some of your idols? (doesn't need to be fitness idols) Michelle Lewin and Bella Falconi :) What obstacles did you find during your career? lower back injury was a big obstacle i encountered during all of comp prep last year but i worked through it with my trainer and didn't push my body too hard while still getting good results. How do you find the time to lead such an active lifestyle? I think if you enjoy it then you dont' find it a chore, you just find the time in the day and your lifestyle to suit. Are you a fan of clean eating? flexible dieting? or both? i am definitely a fan of paleo style diet and clean eating. flexible dieting IIFYM style approach allows you to make start choices but still stay wtihin the right macro targets for your body. I don't believe in flexible dieting by fitting in junk food into your macros. i believe in nourishing food for your body that will lead to good health, that is the number 1 priority for me in any kind of diet. if it's not good for m y overall health and wellbeing then i dont' believe in it. How important is nutrition to you? 100% the most important aspect to maintaining good health and optimal performance Do you weigh your food or track your macronutrients & micronutrients? yes i do, especially during comp prep What's some of your favorite meals or recipes? buckwheat protein pancakes. baked sweet potato with coconut oil and himalayan salt ..yum! and i love oats with protowhey and banana and berries! Whats been some of your greatest achievements? 1st place bikini diva open at INBA in achievement of the year for me What are your goals for the next 5 years? keep living a healthy and fit lifestyle because ultimately that's what makes me happy, it's not a fad or latest craze for me. i've been doing this for many years now, it's just how i love to live my life. What's your immediate goal? INBA state and national titles Are you currently prepping for a show or competition? If so which one? yes INBA How would you like to be remembered in the fitness industry? as someone who always put health first and advocated a balanced liefstyle approach Finally if you could only Bench, Squat or Deadlift for the rest of your career which would you pick? squat hands down :)

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